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The digital era has transformed the way we do business. Gone are the days where promoting your business means taking out a newspaper advertisement or launching a flyer campaign  and knocking door to door.

For a business to grow, you need customers. To get those customers you need to marketing   and gain the attention of potential customers and advertise  your service /products and what can you  offer them. This is why lead Generation is important

Once a lead has been made, it can then be passed onto the sales team for them to nurture and then convert into a buying customer. This can be done is a variety of ways. It could be that the customer’s email is added to an email newsletter for further follow up, a phone call could be made to the client or an email.

Due to the advances in technology there is a lot more that can now be done with the information gained from your Lead Generation and digital marketing efforts. There’s software that can track product demand and customer habits, trends can be analysed and make it easier to target your potential customer via social media advertisement.

The world of marketing, sales, and lead generation has plenty of jargon, Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company’s product or service. When a stranger initiates a relationship with you by showing an organic interest in your business, the transition from stranger to customer is much more natural


It’s online advertising on Google’s search network or sites connected to it.The goal is to bring in new customers to buy your products or services based on search queries conducted by actual people


The main reason big brands spend so much money on digital advertising is that it effectively reaches the most people within a target market compared to other media

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