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What is Customer Persona

Why is it important for all businesses to create it?

Before setting up any business, it’s important for any business to have a deep knowledge of their Customers. Understanding a customer’s need in any business niche is important. Most of the businesses and marketers make this mistake and ignore the process of understanding their customers’ needs and knowing which problem they are actually facing.

So to bridge the gap between assumptions and actually knowing what the customer needs, it becomes vital for all kind of businesses to create their own customer Persona.

 You must be wondering that what is a customer persona and how is it created?

So let’s dive deep into understanding what is a customer persona and how it is created?

           What is Customer Persona?

Before moving on to customer persona let’s first understand customer segmentation. Customer persona and customer segmentation are the two most important factors for understanding customer’s needs.  

Where customer segmentation is the process of dividing customers based on the characteristics so that businesses can focus on their customers according to range of factors.

For business to business marketing, the customer segmentation is based on Number of employees, Type of Industry, Location, previously purchased products.

Whereas for Business to Customer marketing the customer segmentation is based on Age, Gender, Marital status and Location.

Coming to Customer Persona, its created based on the analysis and research of real customers. This helps to give a much deeper insight into customers including information like, what are their interests? What do they value in a brand? Which kind of communication medium do they prefer?

This insight is then taken into consideration for creating a more accurate customer persona for different brands.

          Using Insights and Data into action:

It’s always important for every business to create a Customer persona but only having data is not enough. Creating a strategic plan according to the customer persona is necessary, for converting insights into the strategic plans. So taking advantage of customer persona what all can you do for your potential customers?

Let’s have a look:

  1. Create customer-related content: With the help of customer persona now you have the idea and data about your customer, like what are their interests, and engagement pattern. So creating content that caters their interest will be beneficial for the brand.
  2. Speak in the language of your customersThrough social media get insights about how do customers engage with each other on social media. Which emoji do they use and which tone do they use? Through these brands can change their style of communication and can communicate with their customers in their language and style.

     3. Keep your focus on where the customers spend their timeFind out and focus on where your customers are, if your customers are on Instagram most of the time as compared to other social media platforms. Then focus on those platforms, instead of the wasting your marketing budgets in areas where your customers don’t engage much.

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