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Our Reach: 50+ Airport, 10+ Airlines

  • Uncovering the new opportunities to help you take your brand to the skies through Advertising in Premium Airlines.
  • Increase brand value by advertising in premium airlines.
  • Increase brand awareness with higher brand recall.
  • Strengthen your brand impact with advertising in airlines.


Our Reach: 110+ Apps 450+ Websites

  • One of the most powerful media today is the internet, where no brand can miss the opportunity of Digital Advertising on websites and apps.
  • It’s suitable for low budget campaigns and have Precise Targeting where one can target the desired customer group as per the digital advertising requirements like demographics, interest, expenditure etc with the advantage of high global reach.
  • With Measurable ROI one can track the performance of the online marketing campaigns and compare the results and ROI.


Our Reach: 8500+ Screens, 1000+Multiplexes

  • India has one of the largest cinema hubs in the world, the Indian film industry is renowned for its glitz, vibrancy and drama. So don’t miss a chance of Advertising your business in Cinema.
  • Huge cinema screen gives larger than life impact to the message you are trying to convey.
  • Attention span of viewer watching an ad on cinema screen is higher than other medium.


Our Reach: 1600+ Magazines 9 In-Flight Magazines

  • Magazine advertising in India is one of the most famous medium of advertising.
  • Magazine ads capture focused attention of audience.
  • Popular magazines lend credibility to a brand that is advertising in their magazine.
  • Magazine advertising is targeted, so it becomes easier for a brand to reach their target audience.


Our Reach: 29 States 4500+ Newspapers

  • Newspapers advertising have the largest share among total marketing budget.
  • We provide affordable Newspaper advertising rate to our clients.
  • Businesses can reach wide audience as India have a large Newspaper reading population.
  • Local businesses can reach out to a city population at the best Newspaper advertising rate.


Our Reach: 200+ Cities 9000+ Media Options

  • Outdoor Advertising is one of the most popular medium of advertising among the brands. With over 6% growth rate in India last year.
  • Outdoor Advertising is effective for mass targeting of audience.
  • Hoarding Advertising can improve the premium brand image.
  • It is one of the least intrusive medium of advertising.


Our Reach: 330+ Cities 20,000+ Media Options

  • Non-traditional advertising methods includes auto advertising , bus advertising, and other creative media vehicles.
  • The goal of non-traditional advertising is to create striking advertising experiences that capture interest of audience through creativity and unpredictably.
  • Non-traditional advertising works well for businesses with a limited budget.
  • It’s an effective method of displaying your message and making it more memorable for audience because of the creative way in which it may be shown.


Our Reach: 270+ Cities 650+ Radio Stations

  • We can help you advertise in various FM Radio stations in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai among other 80 cities where FM Radio advertising is possible.
  • FM Radio advertising has the advantage of local targeting and helps reach a listener multiple times.
  • In a single FM Radio advertising campaign, FM advertiser can use multiple jingles.
  • FM Radio Advertising rate provides one of the lowest CPR (cost per reach).


Our Reach: 750+ Channels

  • Television advertising in India is one of the most popular advertising option. Few popular TV channels in India for advertising are StarPlus , Zee TV, Colors, Sun TV, Aastha TV, Aaj Tak, CNBC and Star Sports.
  • Television advertising is the favourite advertising vehicle among all advertisers. It’s a dream for a brand to have television ads.
  • TV advertising offers a very low CPR.
  • Engagement with the customers becomes easy in a very entertaining way through advertising in TV.


  • Based on our years of relationship with clients and media owners, we understand the trends of the market.
  • Every month we come up with special exclusive advertising deals, that are exclusively crafted for our clients.
  • We negotiate with the media owners and get the best advertising rates for the media.


  • In the last couple of years there was a rise in Hyperlocal Advertising.
  • First and fore most this is a strong tactic to build a truly personal and relevant message to your target audiences.
  • Hyperlocal Advertising is mostly beneficial for small local businesses.
  • It helps in building relationships with your prospects, to show relevance with their interests and tastes on a much deeper level.
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