Social media is a unique marketing vehicle for a number of reasons, in a short term it gives a maximum reach of the client / customer to stay connected with your brand.

Are you looking for best resources for social media marketing ?

Meliora Technologies is a right place to implement it , there are various social media platforms but we decide to provide focus & actionable advice to get better results 


Facebook Apps

 Facebook is most essential and functional tool for survival of your brand. advertising into your Facebook marketing  is one of the best  technique for increasing likes or driving website clicks & brand awareness.

Social Marketing Programs

If you integrate social media into the website it will be highly beneficial  for increasing search result.

Conversation Monitoring

Conversation monitoring helps for finding number of different visitors to your website and it directly proportional to get unique number of conversion number. 

Social Analytics

we identify data from the activities and analyse each effective activity so the amount spent on each activity must received maximum output from it   

Data Mining

Collecting maximum database what example Email id’s, Gender, Age , Professional segment, Student etc. so this can be used for future reference.

Campaign Development & Execution

We used different platforms to run the campaign keeping a mind thee target audience and work objective so we can execute it in a best way.

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